I am a Cat Lady with a camera and a passion for animals.


Several years ago I received a Fine Art degree at Southern Methodist University with concentrations in drawing and photography.  I also studied biology, because I am a nerd. Flash forward to 2014, when I got the absolutely bonkers idea in my head that I should go back to school to get another degree, this time in Biomedical Engineering (I like a good challenge!)

In order to keep my creative spark alive, however, I have spent the last few years focusing on the one medium that makes very little mess: Digital Photography. When I am not studying, and let’s be honest, keeping up with math and engineering classes takes a lot of work, I’m probably out photographing dogs for a Dallas rescue group Dallas Pets Alive! I fell into this volunteer opportunity when a friend of mine offered to foster a young mother and her three puppies, and all puppies need glamorous photos on their dating profile to find their forever homes! After spending an afternoon with those adorable little sausages, I was hooked. Most of the dogs you will see in my galleries are rescues, and most of the cats I have photographed are shelter pets as well. I’ve somehow become an animal adoption advocate, and I am super ok with that!

WhitakerI also enjoy photographing kids and families, engagement/couple sessions, and my favorite subject, CATS.

My life revolves around school and my ridiculously handsome 3-legged rescue cat Whitaker. I also carve out time for my awesome family and especially my two adorable little nieces.


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